FIFA international ranking: These are the best teams in the world

By Miguel Prazeres

August 3, 2020

The fight for FIFA International ranking leadership promises a lot of excitement in the upcoming months. Football around the world was stopped duo the Covid-19 pandemic and the international clashes were no exception. Slowly, the national championships returned with special security measures, but the international clashes remain stalled, as traveling among different countries and continents remains a problem.

Belgium is currently the leader of the FIFA ranking. Led by Kevin De Bruyne and other stars like Hazard, Lukaku or Witsel, Belgium is on top of the world ranking. But will they be able to hold the position? France and Brazil are close and are the biggest threats.

1- Belgium (1765 points)

Belgium national team
Belgium national team

With wins in all matches in 2019, it is no surprise to see Belgium as the leader of the FIFA ranking. Kevin De Bruyne and all the squad cruised during 2019 and won all the 10 clashes they held, scoring 40 goals and conceding only three. They did a perfect EURO Qualifiers phase, scoring an average of 4 goals per match. Massive!

2- France (1733 points)

Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe - France
Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe – France

The World champions can hardly wait to justify their status and secure the top of the FIFA world ranking. After securing the World Cup in 2018, the French team suffered a defeat and a draw against Turkey in the EURO 2021 Qualifiers. The Turkish team is responsible for keeping Belgium as world number one. In 2019, “Les Blues” won 10 of the 12 matches played (including two friendlies), scoring 29 goals (2.42 per match) and conceding just six.

3- Brazil (1712 points)

The 5-time World Champions are the first non-European team on this list and closed 2019 with a 50% winning percentage. In 16 outings, Neymar’s team won eight, drew six and lost just two. However, four of those victories were enough to win the Copa America for the 9th time. 33 goals scored and 9 conceded was the Brazilian’s score in 2019.

4- England (1661 points)

The renewed English national team is starting to take its place among the best in the world. After a troubled period, they seem to have found new life in names like Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford or Jadon Sancho. They ended 2019 with 10 official matches, performing seven wins, one draw and two losses. In that course, they guaranteed a spot for the EURO 2021, but didn’t fulfill the expectations in the Nations League. They ended up in the semis, losing against Holland.

5- Uruguay (1645 points)

Edinson Cavani - Uruguay
Edinson Cavani – Uruguay

Despite a disappointing campaign in Copa America, losing in the quarter-finals against Peru, the Uruguayans hold a place in the top five. Suárez, Cavani and their teammates closed 2019 with eight wins in 13 matches. Regarding goals, they managed an average of two per match. But Croatia, Spain and Portugal are right behind.

Big names out of the top-5

Portugal and Italy
Portugal and Italy

Italy and Germany are probably the biggest names among the top national teams out of the top 5. 4-time World Champions, Italy closed 2019 with 10 victories in 10 matches, but they still recover from a couple of years below expectations. They even failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, holding the 13th place.

Close, but even worse, is Germany. As Italy, they complete a renewal process and are trying to regain positions. After 2018, with just four wins in 13 outings, they closed 2019 with a 7/10 score.

Also outside the top-5, there are big names like Portugal (European champions), 7th, Spain, 8th and Argentina, 9th. As for the Netherlands, they “separate” Italy and Germany and hold the 14th place.

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