FIFA World Cup 2022, Group B: England, USA toil hard in their second outing, take home one point apiece

By Daniel S

November 25, 2022

The ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 kicked off on November 20 and the hosts Qatar faced Ecuador in their campaign opener, eventually losing the game to the latter with a scoreline of 0-2. As things stand, the tournament has witnessed upsets like Saudi Arabia humbling Argentina, Japan outclassing Germany and Iran crushing out Wales, making the biggest sporting event, a spectacle to remember forever. 

To add more, England and USA squared off against each other in the multinational tournament and both teams settled for a draw on the back of their fabulous outing and not potentially giving up towards the very end of the match. 

Although a miss from Weston McKennie put USA on the back foot, in regards to the momentum, the team eventually managed to bounce back and keep up with their spirits, denying a lead to the opponents right throughout the first half. 

England keep finals hope alive in FIFA World Cup 2022

As things stand, the Three Lions, who crushed Iran in their campaign opener, eventually are in the race to make it through to the finals and it remains to be seen if the English side can go through to the knockouts. 

The Three Lions are all set to take on Wales in their final encounter of the ongoing showpiece tournament, and it will be a tough ask for USA as they will have a face-off against Iran, who surprised Wales with their crushing win earlier in the day. 

At the 70-minute mark, both teams looked strong enough to take it through for a draw and notably, the English side started tiring out on energy, making things easier for USA, who kept restricting the Three Lions from taking the lead right throughout the match. To add more to the face off, England have never won against the team in World Cup and have lost one of their two previous face-off, with the other ending up in a draw. 

At the stroke of the final whistle, both teams remained at 0-0 and eventually took home one point apiece, continuing the dominance of champions-to-be nations against a strong side like England. The Three Lions would hope to make a comeback and clinch the 3 points in their next outing.