First-class cricket leagues in India

India is the country where cricket lies in the blood of people. It isn’t just a sport but a passion for many.

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First-class cricket leagues in India

India is the country where cricket lies in the blood of people. It isn’t just a sport but a passion for many. Many talented youths compete to make it to the national side. To test the talented youths, various tournaments are played around the country. But, the topmost of all competitions is the First Class Cricket. First-class cricket is the long format of cricket played by the domestic players.

These domestic leagues are played every year, and players from all age brackets and experience participate to make their region proud. Some of the famous first-class cricket leagues played in India is:

Ranji Trophy

This is the oldest first-class tournament organized in India and is still very famous and valued. It is played between multiple teams representing regional and state cricket associations. It is named after the first Indian cricketer to play international cricket, Sir Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja. The Idea to host this tournament came up in 1934, and the first match was played between Madras and Mysore on 4 November 1934.

There have been numerous adjustments in the arrangement of the Ranji trophy from its origin in 1934. In the configuration of the competition till 2000, groups were assembled graphically into four zones; north, south, east, west. During the 2002-03 season, the zonal framework was deserted, and a two-division approach was embraced and two gatherings, in particular; the tip-top gathering, containing 15 groups and the plate gathering; containing the rest played to arrive at the top.

The Point framework is secure and groups are advanced as needs be. Mumbai has won the Ranji trophy on most occasions.

Duleep Trophy

Named after Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji, the competition is held between teams chosen by BCCI. The tournament was started in 1962, won by the west zone.

The format of the tournament was consistent till the 2008-09 seasons. But, 2016-17 was played in a new format. Three teams chosen by BCCI selectors took part, designated as India Green, India Red and India blue. Wasim Jaffer is the highest run-scorer of this tournament (2545 runs in 30 matches).

From 2003-04 to 2007-08 season, guest teams were also invited to play in Duleep trophy.

Irani Cup

Named after the long time treasurer of BCCI, Z.R. Irani, to honor his services, the Irani Cup is one of the most famous tournaments in India. This tournament is said to be played between the “best and the best of rest.”

This cup is organized every year. The winners of the Ranji trophy compete against the selected players of Indian domestic cricket. The first match was played in 1960 at the end of Ranji Season to mark 25 successful years of Ranji Trophy. This tournament soon became popular, and the fixture was shifted to the beginning of the season. But, after 2012-13, it was scheduled to play on a fixed date after the Ranji season finale.

The first-class cricket is one of the many domestic tournaments that have helped selectors over the years to choose the best potential players for the national side.

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