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Five biggest controversies of Andrew Symonds’ career

By BetBarter Staff

May 15, 2022

Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds passed away in a car accident earlier today, on Sunday. The all-rounder was one of the most talented but controversial cricketers of his time. From the 'Monkeygate' incident to his expulsion from Australia's tour to Bangladesh in 2008, the 46-year-old was surrounded by scandals. Here are the five most controversial incidents in Andrew Symonds' career.

Monkeygate Saga

The Monkeygate scandal occurred during India's tour of Australia in 2008. In the 2008 Sydney Test, Symonds accused former India spinner Harbhajan Singh of calling him a "monkey." This led to a massive controversy and Harbhajan was banned for three Test. However, the BCCI took a stand for his ace player and threatened to pull out of the tour after which the charges against Harbhajan was withdrawn.

Michael Clarke and Andrew Symonds

Michael Clarke and Andrew Symonds had a fantastic friendship at the start of the former's career. However, when Symonds was bought in the Indian T20 League by Deccan Chargers, it stained his relationship with Michael Clarke.  Symonds had claimed that the money in the Indian T20 League poisoned his friendship with Clarke. "Money does funny things. It’s a good thing but it can be a poison and I reckon it may have poisoned our relationship," Symonds confessed in his last days.

Alcohol issues

On the field, Symonds was a passionate cricketer but he was much more off it. In 2005, he was released from the Australian team before the tri-series game against Bangladesh in Cardiff. The team management made the decision because Symonds had consumed alcohol the night before. Alcohol influence played a major role in his retirement from the game in 2012.

Choosing to go fishing over a team meeting

Symonds led his own life and he didn't care about team rules. The Australian team was on a tour of Bangladesh in 2008. The team was having an important meeting but Symonds skipped the meeting and went for fishing. Michael Clarke, the team's captain at the time, was outraged and this event played a significant role in Symonds exclusion from the next India tour.

Tackling a pitch intruder

A nude pitch invader went directly towards Andrew Symonds, who was playing at the non-striker's end, during a game against India at the Gabba. Symonds shoulder-pushed him and the intruder fell flat on his back. "Well that streaker could have done some injury to Andrew Symonds because he seemed to run straight at him, and all of a sudden, he was on his back," legendary commentator Richie Benaud had said on air.