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Five times teams sported special jerseys for a noble cause

By BetBarter Staff

February 25, 2022

Every year Indian T20 League teams tweak their jerseys to be presentable on the field. From being baggy in the beginning to a more slim fit today, the jerseys have evolved a lot over the years. While there have been many changes to the designs of the jerseys, there also have been times when the teams wore a special kit for a noble cause. Here is a list of the teams who wore special kits.

Bangalore’s Green kit

Every year the Bangalore team sports a green jersey for a match to promote the ‘go green’ initiative. The team also gives their opposition a plant at the time of the toss. This is to encourage everyone to plant more trees so as to reduce global warming issues.

Bangalore’s Blue kit

Instead of wearing the green uniform in 2021, Bangalore wore the blue outfit. This blue kit was designed to pay tribute to the frontline covid warriors. A message was also inscribed on the shirt. The message said, ‘Get Vaccinated.’

Delhi’s lavender kit

Then a member of the Delhi team, Yuvraj Singh was a survivor of Cancer. In 2015, the team honored his spirit, and everyone else’s who survived this deadly disease. They changed their regular blue kit to lavender in a match against Punjab, on the 1st of May, which is celebrated as Cancer Survivor Day.

Delhi’s rainbow kit

JSW paints had just joined the Delhi Clan in 2020 when they rebranded themselves. To commemorate this partnership and spread the message of togetherness, Delhi wore a rainbow jersey. They wore it for just a single game in the 2020 season.

Team CEO Dhiraj Malhotra at the time said, ” Our team will proudly don the JSW paints jersey for the game against Bangalore not only in support of the Group’s tremendous contribution towards Indian sports but also to endorse the message of unity.”

Rajasthan’s pink kit

Everyone is aware of Rajasthan’s current jersey color, pink. But, earlier the regular color was blue. However, they once sported a pink jersey earlier. In 2018, they donned the pink jersey to raise cancer awareness. They participated in the ‘Cancer Out’ campaign.