Blue Card in Football: What is the new blue card rules?

Blue Card in Football: Discover what is this newly introduced blue card rule in football. Get to know what we know and don't know on

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Blue Card in Football

Blue Card in Football (Image Credit: Twitter)

Recently, the World Football Governing Body, FIFA announced that they will trail a Blue Card rule in the game. As per the rule, the player will be suspended temporarily from any ongoing game. Currently, Yellow and Red Cards are part of the game. If a player gets a Yellow card, they are sent off the pitch for a few minutes. However, a Red Card means they can't play any further during a game.

As far as a Blue card is concerned, it will have the same role as a Yellow card. However, despite this, Blue Card, on a trial basis will also go alongside existing cards. Meanwhile, FIFA, took to Twitter to further explain that the rule will only tried and tested in lower-tier leagues. Currently, in the lower-tier leagues of England and Wales, players have been given Blue Cards. 

Blue Cards are used in Field Hockey and Rugby

Blue Cards aren't unique in sports. In games such as Field Hockey and Rugby, players are temporarily suspended from the field of play for fouls based on the referee's judgment of the severity of the infraction. Next month, the specifics of the rule will be revealed. If the player picks up another blue card after returning from the suspension, they are shown a red card and dismissed from the match altogether.

If the law comes to fruition, it will be the first time that a new card will be introduced to the sport since the yellow and red cards were first brought in during the 1970 World Cup. There were no players sent off throughout that tournament though and the two cards have since become an integral part of the sport at all levels.