Liverpool fans' Booing of 'God Save The King' echoes through Carabao Cup final win against Chelsea

Liverpool fans have followed a tradition of booing the national anthem since the Hillsborough tragedy 35 years back in the year 1989, the incident which saw 97 deaths and hundreds of centuries.

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Liverpool vs Chelsea, Carabao Cup Final 2024 (File Photo: X)

Liverpool vs Chelsea, Carabao Cup Final 2024 (File Photo: X)

The stage was all set for the iconic final of the Carabao Cup at the Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday. The fans witnessed an unbelievable turn of events at the time national anthem just before the start of the match. It all happened when Chelsea fans started singing the national anthem with full enthusiasm.

However, this enthusiasm from Chelsea supporters towards the national anthem came in a reaction to the booing from the Liverpool fans. Notably, the Liverpool fans have been traditional booing the British national anthem for the last 35 years.

This booing from the Merseyside fans has been considered as their protest against the British establishment, which reportedly denied and abandoned Liverpool in the 1980s. Things got worse in 1989 due to the Hillsborough tragedy.

The incident saw the death of 97 fans and almost hundreds of individuals getting injured at Hillsborough Stadium in England’s Sheffield on April 15, 1989. This tragedy and the unprecedented accident were considered due to the mismanagement of the British police. This entire incident happened during Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Here’s a look at the video of Liverpool fans booing the national anthem:

Speaking of the action of the ‘full of moments’ final, Liverpool clinched the nail-biting thriller by a margin of 1-0, thanks to the last-minute heroics of the star Centre-back Virgil van Dijk in the 118th minute.

Speaking of the other stats of the match, Liverpool kept the 54% ball possession with them while Chelsea had 46% ball possession with them. However, both teams had almost equal competition in shots on target as Liverpool managed to hit 11 while Chelsea smashed 9 shots on target.

Apart from the match's stats, Liverpool faced 5 yellow cards compared to the two yellow cards given to the Chelsea players.

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