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Secrets for Virat Kohli’s insane fitness levels explained

By BetBarter Staff

January 22, 2022

Virat Kohli has changed the way any athlete approaches their fitness. His presence on the field is never short on energy. This is a result of the efforts he puts outside the field. In modern-day sports, efforts applied behind the scenes have major accountability in the overall progress. The Indian batter has not just inspired cricketers, but also a large section of his followers.

Have you ever wondered what his workout routine is? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got you covered. Here is his entire fitness journey, his routine, and how you can develop a similar routine.

Virat’s fitness journey

There are two types of players; one who rely on pure talent, and others who drain out the most from training. Virat surely belongs to the latter category of players. But, this was not the case until 2009.

The batter was dropped out of the squad for two consecutive ODI series, against New Zealand and West Indies. This pushed him to rock bottom. He realized fitness was of the utmost importance to conquer the dominant space of sports. He has not looked back ever since and has become an inspiration for millions.

Virat Kohli’s workout routine (Note:  The article is just for informational purpose. It is not recommended to follow any random routine as it can cause injury. The information has been taken by Mens XP)

Before starting his workout, Kohli loves to warm up. A warm-up is a vital part of any workout session. Virat is always ready for a good warmup session, which is very important for a sport like Cricket with its start-stop nature.

Compound Training

Compound exercises are movements that involve several muscle groups at the same time. Squats, for example, work your calves, glutes, and quadriceps. Virat’s favourite three compound exercises are.

Dead Lift: Virat Kohli can do a massive 145kg deadlift. This compound exercise is a staple of the best strength-training programs. It builds his back, strengthens his core, while also improving his jump performance.

Power Snatch: The power snatch is a complex movement that engages almost every muscle group in a body. This movement brings reinforced stability to any athlete’s game as the core has to work harder than usual to keep the weight balanced. Virat Kohli uses this movement to develop power, explosiveness, speed, and coordination in his game. This allows him to be quick and reflexive while fielding.

Power Clean: This is a full-body movement that helps a person jump farther and higher, run faster, and improve strength as well. This exercise helps him be quick while on the field. In a schedule as busy as Kohli’s, there is a chance of no equipment being available at his disposal. he makes sure to work out even in such a situation to keep the fitness level on point.