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From viral video to learning from Sachin Tendulkar, here’s the journey of 5-year-old kid from Kolkata

By BetBarter Staff

March 11, 2022

S K Shahid, a five-year-old, went viral as his video of playing cricket broke the internet. The video was uploaded by his father on social media, which was then retweeted by Fox Cricket. In a massive opportunity, the young cricketer got to learn from the great of the game, Sachin Tendulkar.

The Kolkata-based Shahid idolizes Sachin Tendulkar. It was a dream come true for Shahid as he was invited by the legendary cricketer himself. He found himself at the Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy, where the legendary batter was available to give him some advice.

Sports Tak quoted Shaikh Shamser, SK Shahid’s father saying, “My son is five years old. His role model is Sachin Sir and it was his dream to see him. He wants to become a cricketer. Just to see him was his dream, but what Sachin Sir did, even a thank you is less.”

Recalling how the video went viral, Shamser said that Fox Cricket- Australia’s broadcasting channel- shared the video on their Twitter handle, and tagged Shane Warne, Michael Vaughan, and Sachin Tendulkar. He believed that this may have caught Sachin Tendulkar’s attention.

Sachin Tendulkar took care of all the arrangements for their visit and booked them in a guest house. He also involved Shahid in other activities like swimming. Sachin then gave him a schedule to follow at home.

Speaking what Sachin taught Shahid, he said, “He gave advice on which balls to be played on the back-foot, which balls to play on the front-foot, he showed that. They also showed how catches are taken and after that, how the bat and grip is held.

“They showed us everything, They even said that the boy has natural talent and he would go far. This all happened recently.”