All you need to know about Apex Legends' 5th Anniversary event

Here's everything coming in the upcoming fifth-anniversary event for Apex Legends along with Season 20 Breakout update, new game mode and cosmetics for everyone.

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Apex Legends 5th Anniversary

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One of the most popular esports titles, Apex Legends is celebrating its fifth anniversary along with Season 20 Breakout. To celebrate, the developers have added a variety of things along with several rewards.

Many of these rewards can be obtained by completing the anniversary event. The rewards include Ballistic (character) skin, a new loading screen, gun skins, event packs, and multiple cosmetics.

All the progress of the event will be available in the Community reward tracker that contains rewards designed by community artists. Players can progress through the events to reach milestones and redeem free items.

New Limited Time Mode

As revealed earlier by the developers, the new event will also bring a new Limited Time Mode called Straight Shot. This is the much-awaited battle royale mode with just half of the teams for fast-paced gameplay.

The mode will feature 30 teams instead of 60. Teams will spawn randomly with other teams on the map with fully-kitted weapons. The zone in the mode will also shrink faster than usual, so no team will be able to camp for long.

Another huge quality-of-life update in this mode is the ability to directly queue for another game without leaving the lobby.

As usual, the event will feature new cosmetics. These can be character and weapon skins, banners, stickers and holo sprays. While some items can be earned through the free loot boxes, others need to be acquired through purchase. Players can also purchase multiple bundles with a Valentine’s Day theme.7777

If a player can collect all 24 cosmetics, they will receive a special reward. This time around, players can get their hands on heirloom shards. These can be used to unlock an heirloom item or Prestige Skin for any character.

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