Blizzard making massive change in Overwatch 2 season 9 with self-heal

Game director Aaron Keller for Overwatch 2 reveals that tanks and DPS will get a toned-down self-heal passive similar to the support in the upcoming Season 9 update.

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Blunder or necessary change?

The upcoming season 9 for Overwatch 2 will have a huge change to the game as tank and DPS heroes will be able to self-heal. This comes as a way to help the non-support players survive more.

Game director Aaron Keller revealed that it will be a tuned-down version of the support self-healing passive. Currently, if a DPS is low on health, they can either pick up the health items or get healed by support players.

Tanks on the other hand possess abilities that allow them to take more damage or shield their health. With new changes, players will not have to run around to get healed.

However, the game is already in a bad state in hero balance. Recently introduced hero Mauga was broken to the point where devs have to make multiple nerf to the hero. Players are unsure if self-healing is a good idea.

Is self-healing for all roles a good idea?

Self-healing may create a bigger gap between all roles. Keller says the change will make playing less frustrating when your team is not playing together, which can be true at times. One less tank than the original Overwatch resulted in fast-paced gameplay. However, giving players self-heal may result in them running around the map.

Currently, support characters heal 15HP/Sec. While it is unclear how much healing tanks and DPS will get, it will certainly be lower than support. But that won’t stop players from charging straight in.

Likely, the move will massively affect the play style of teams moving forward. Since the other roles might not need as much attention in healing, support players will pick healers who can also dish out decent damage.

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