Call of Duty Mobile handing out free CoD points to players globally

Call of Duty Mobile surprises players with free cod points for completing a small list of task and replying with a clip as a proof, rewards are handed randomly

Sarah Andrew
New Update
Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile is now receiving free CoD points for completing simple challenges. The official CoD mobile account recently posted on X asking players about their New Year’s resolutions while also providing a set of challenges.

The challenges included -

Get 10 kills using the KSP 45 (SMG) without dying.

Use the Man-O-War (Assault Rifle) an entire game without attachments

Get a no-scope using the Locus (Sniper Rifle)

The challenges are quite simple. Players might struggle in the last one as getting a no-scope can be a bit hard. Overall, the challenges are not something that requires a long grind.

Reward for completing the challenges was earlier not announced. Despite that, players started posting their gameplay clips of completing all challenges, and before long, CoD started responding.

Everyone expected some charms, XP cards and other items. However, what players received in their inbox exceeded their expectations. Players were getting free CoD points. As per reports, players received over 500 free CoD points.

Events like these are a great way to increase player engagement and game marketing. Many other gaming companies also give out rewards for community events like fan art and gameplay.

Not everyone is getting rewards

As of now, it seems the rewards are given out randomly. There is a chance that one may not get as many people have posted. However, if you are playing the game, there is no reason to not submit your achievements.

Who knows, the people who are left out might get selected randomly again. We also recommended trying to get a 360-no-scope instead of a regular no-scope. Pretty sure the reward is guaranteed as CoD is all about style.

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