Destiny 2 Four time world’s first raid champion banned by Bungie

Professional Destiny 2 content creator and 4x world’s first raid champion Cruz has been handed a permanent ban by Bungie after the game's anti-cheat was triggered

Sarah Andrew
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Team Elysium’s Cruz has now been permanently banned from Destiny 2 by Bungie. This comes after Cruz’s account was flagged by game’s anti-cheat software for running a malicious tool.

Defending the allegations, Cruz has confessed that a software called ArtMoney was open in background. However, justifying the reasoning, Cruz claimed that the software was completely ‘legal’ and was used for other RTS games.

“This program once again cannot alter any files as it strictly is limited to working with the economy of these games. I'm certain that after closing, it was still active in the background,” Cruz said in a statement.

Cruz is known for winning the world’s first race in Destiny four times and has been playing for over 10 years. Over the years, Cruz has made some huge achievement sin the game, which is now gone due to a simple mistake.

Player reactions

Recently, Bungie has also been taking cheating very seriously and even doing after cheat developers. Cruz’s ban also come as a huge shocker. The community has been in argument if Cruz was rightful banned or not.

Some feel the ban was justified, saying it is against the developer guidelines. Legal or not, the piece of software is a form of cheating. This is not the first time someone has been banned for having the same software running in the background.

Others believe that banning a person for something, that might be trivial, does not seem like a good idea. Cruz currently boasts thousands of hours in Destiny 2 and some feel the punishment is too harsh.

Whatever, the case may be, it seems that Bungie has dropped the ban hammer on Cruz as of now. It is not clear if there will be any more discussion regarding the matter between both parties.

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