Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to get visuals improvements amidst backlash

In an official statement, Final Fantasy VII revealed that the demo will soon get an update to fix the Performance Mode visuals, the patch will also apply to full release.

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Final Fantasy VII (Source: X)

Final Fantasy VII is currently the most anticipated game, and players were recently able to try out the demo on PlayStation 5. The review regarding the gameplay has been very positive.

However, one aspect of the game had players frustrated, and it was the visuals. Console games usually include a performance mode that lowers the graphic setting of the game. This is done to enjoy a game at the highest fps possible.

Only affecting performance mode

While the graphics mode was working pretty well, users in performance mode were shocked to see the difference. Most of the backlash came from the fact that FF7 Rebirth is an exclusive next-gen game for PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Despite being made for a single platform, the game had severe visual issues. Good thing the game had a demo to further improve the game before launch. Otherwise, the developers might have received even more criticism regarding the issue.

In an official post, the company said, “The update to the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo scheduled for February 21st will apply improvements to the visual quality when selecting “Performance Mode” from the graphics options.”

The patch will come along with the next update for the demo before the launch. Players will be able to explore the Junon region and the open world. The same patch will also apply for the official release, so players do not have to worry about these issues in the official release.

The blunder, however, did give fans a fun time laughing over the broken demo. Many players were even fooled that their TVs and monitors had some issues. Others joked about the fact that the developers had to update a demo due to bad visuals.

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