VCT Americas Kickoff; G2 Esports enters play-in

G2 Esports, Sentinels and MIBR survives another day at G2 Esports alongside Sentinels and MIBR, teams will now face each other in the Play-in

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VCT Americas G2 Vs KRU

G2 Esports alongside Sentinels and MIBR have reached the Play-In after surviving a Decider Match. While these teams survived an early elimination, two of them will still go home after the Play-in concludes.

Decider match overview

The first decider match was between MIBR and Cloud9, with the opening match on Bind picked by Cloud9. However, despite their best efforts, the match only went to overtime, leading to a victory for MIBR.

The next map was Ascent picked by MIBR. As expected, the teams dominated Cloud9 and secured their ticket to the Play-in from Group A.

Group B saw Sentinels and Leviatán in a face-off. Both teams were on par with each other and won their map picks. This led us to the decider map on Bind.

Both teams started well with equal footing, however, after round 6, Sentinels started gaining the lead. Leviatán did try their best, but a clean use of ultimate abilities by Zekken and TenZ finished up the game.

The final match was between G2 Esports and KRÜ Esports. With G2’s track record, the games went by as everyone expected. G2 once again dominated KRÜ in the first two matches, surviving to see another day at Play-in.

Play-in schedule

  • Round 1 - MIBR Vs Sentinels
  • Round 2 - MIBR Vs G2 Esports
  • Round 3 - Sentinels Vs G2 Esports

Matches will be played as best-of-three. The team with the most scores will move to Playoffs to join NRG, LOUD and Evil Geniuses, while the remaining teams will head home.

Final standings in group stages

  • Group A

NRG: 2W-0L


Cloud9 : 1W-2L

FURIA Esports: 0W-2L

  • Group B


Sentinels: 2W-1L

Leviatán: 1W-2L

100 Thieves: 0W-2L

  • Group C

Evil Geniuses: 1W-0L

G2 Esports: 2W-1L

KRÜ Esports: 0W-2L

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