Genshin Impact announces 4.4 banner characters

Genshin Impact reveals the banners and characters for the 4.4 phase 1, update will also feature new area with world boss, story quests and activities

Sarah Andrew
New Update

Latest 4.4 update for Genshin Impact is just a few days always as will bring a new open world area and the Lantern Rite festival. Along with them, new character banners will also be available.

While the five-star characters for 4.4 banners were already revealed, people were still wondering about the 4-star characters. In an official X post, the developers have now confirmed the characters.

4.4 Phase 1 banners

  • Five-star characters

For the five-star category, Xianyun will be the featured character for one of the 4.4 banners. Another banner running alongside will feature Dendro archon Nahida. Both characters use a catalyst and their weapons will also be available in a separate banner.

Xianyun will be an Anemo support character, but more of her abilities are yet to be tested. Nahida on the other hand is a returning Dendro character and can fit in any role.

  • Four-star characters

Along with the five stars, one new four stars and two returning characters will also be featured in the banners. These are Gaming, Faruzan and Noelle. Gaming is the new Pyro character that uses a claymore.

Faruzan on the other hand is an Anemo bow user, and Noelle fills the role of a Geo sub-dps shielder using claymore. Both character have very niche use, so players will likely aim for the new character.

New area and Lantern Rite

The 4.4 update will also add a new area called Chenyu Vale with new quests and open world boss fights. The boss will likely drop upgrade materials for Xianyun and Gaming.

Alongside the update, the biggest yearly event in Genshin, Lantern Rite, will also take place with its own exclusive quest and rewards. The quests will include both single-player and multi-player activities for everyone.

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