IEM Chengdu 2024; Teams and format

Here are all the teams taking part in the upcoming IEM Chengdu 2024, winner will reserve a spot in the IEM Cologne 2024 and receive 1,400 BLAST Premier points

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IEM Chengdu

With Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice concluding, 16 more teams are now ready for IEM Chengdu. These teams will once again go head in the Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) tournament to secure another spot for the IEM Cologne 2024.

IEM Katowice saw Team Spirit as one of the teams securing a spot for IEM Cologne 2024. IEM Chengdu features a prize pool of $250,000 and a huge chuck of Blast points that all teams are aiming for.

Since the event is hosted by ESL, there are many ESL partner teams with a direct invite to the event. Others include teams from ESL World Ranking from previous ESL tournaments and regional qualifiers.

Format -

All teams participating in the IEM Chengdu will start with the group stage. Teams will be divided into two groups that will feature double-elimination brackets. Apart from the opening matches, all others will be best of three.

A total of six teams (three from each group) will move forward to playoffs. Winners of group stage matches will get a head start directly to the semifinals. The other four teams will have to form the quarterfinals and make their way up.

Playoffs will feature all matches as best-of-three except the grand finals, which will be best-of-five. The winner will secure a spot in the IEM Cologne 2024 and receive 1,400 Blast premier points.

All teams taking part in the event -

Astralis (ESL Partner Team)

FaZe Clan (ESL Partner Team)

FURIA Esports (ESL Partner Team)

G2 Esports (ESL Partner Team)

Heroic (ESL Partner Team)

MOUZ (ESL Partner Team)

Lynn Vision Gaming (Chinese Qualifier)

Complexity Gaming (ESL World Ranking)

Monte (ESL World Ranking)

Cloud9 (ESL World Ranking)

Virtus. pro (ESL World Ranking)

Nemiga Gaming (European Qualifier)

M80 (North American Qualifier)

9z Team (South American Qualifier)

Grayhound Gaming (Oceanic Qualifier)

TYLOO (Asian Qualifier)

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