Last Tekken 7 World Tour concludes Arslan Ash as Grand Champion

Arslan Ash becomes the last Tekken World Tour champion for Tekken 7 as the next tournament will be featuring Tekken 8 releasing on January 26

Sarah Andrew
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Arslan Ash

The last Tekken World Tour featuring Tekken 7 recently concluded and Arslan "Arslan Ash" Siddique from Pakistan took how the championship with him. Not only that, he is now the last World Tour champion of Tekken 7.

What’s more impressive is that Arslan made it look easy without dropping a single match in the finals bracket. However, he did see a thought fight from South Korea’s Lim "Ulsan" Soo-hoon, and he managed to defeat him.

Arslan has also won several tournaments in the past like EVO Japan 2019, EVO 2019, EVO Japan 2023 and EVO 2023, proving his skill in competitive fighting games. With this win, he is not only the Tekken World Tour 2023 but also the last Tekken7 champion.

More at stake for the last Tekken 7 World Tour

The road to the championship for all players was hard, but the stakes this year made it worth fighting for. With the release of Tekken 8 this month, the upcoming Tekken World Tour will feature Tekken 8.

Arslan’s opponent in the grand finals, Jae-hyun "CherryBerryMango" Kim, saw a lot more struggle to reach there. CBM was initially knocked down to the losers’ bracket during the semi-finals.

From there on, he managed to win against every single opponent and made it to the grand finals. With Arslan facing CBM, he selected Katarina for the final game while CBM was using Noctis. Arslan managed to triumph with a 3-1 scoreline in the best of five matchups.

Tekken World Tour will return

Tekken 8 is set to release on January 26 and the confirmation for the next Tekken World Tour has been made for April 13 with Tekken 8 as the main title. Just like this one, the stakes for the upcoming tournament are also high, as it will be the first Tekken 7 World Tour.

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