Latest Metro instalment will be full fledge VR game

The new Metro game coming this year will be a fledge VR game packed with original story before the events of all other Metro games previously made

Sarah Andrew
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Metro VR game

Metro series are some of the best action and horror video games of all time. Now, the players will be able to experience the game in VR. The upcoming Metro Awakening will be released as an exclusive VR game on multiple platforms.

Developed by Vertigo Games, the studio was already quite popular for making VR games in the past. Their previous zombie apocalypse game, Arizona Sunshine, was quite liked by the players.

What are Metro games?

Metro Games is an adaptation of a post-apocalyptic fiction Novel series by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The previous games in the series were developed by 4A games. The games quickly became popular among players for its story and atmosphere.

The upcoming game is from an entirely new studio, however, a look at the trailer revealed that the theme has been kept original.

Metro Awakening comes with a new dedicated campaign that is reportedly set as a prequel to Metro games set in 2028. The story description says, “Push your courage and sanity to the limit. Save your wife, and awaken the supernatural being you will one day become.”

The supernatural being here could be the ‘Dark Ones’ in the Metro series, so the game might explore their origins. However, the game is mostly from a human perspective, so players will have to play and see for themselves.

The game still does not have a release date, except the year 2024. However, it will be available for PS VR2, MetaQuest 2+3 & PC VR.

Problem with VR games

While there are many great VR games in the market, people usually are not able to enjoy them. This is because of the cost and hassle of VR headsets. Even the cheapest VR equipment is not generally affordable for the majority of people.

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