Leaks suggest original Metal Gear Solid getting remake in works

A popular stealth action video game from over 25 years ago will reportedly get a remake, official announcement from devs may soon come in early 2024

Sarah Andrew
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Metal Gear Solid

One of the most popular video games, Metal Gear Solid (MGS) released over 25 years ago is set to get a modern remake as per leaks from Areajugones. The news itself isn’t that surprising, however, as Konami, the IP holder, is set to release a remake of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater.

Fans had already anticipated that Konami would bring the beloved video game series back to life, especially after the company had hinted that they were more than open to remaking the other Metal Gear Solid games.

MGS games were the first to popularize the stealth action genre, based on which many other popular modern games were made. In a sense, they can be considered as building blocks for modern games.

However, this time around, the original creator of the game, Hideo Kojima will not be the one taking charge of the remake as he no longer works at Konami. Fans are still excited to see one of the classics get a modern facelift.

As soon as the MGS Delta is finished and released, the company will reportedly double down on focusing towards remaking their old IPs. As for the availability, only PS5 was mentioned, however, fans are still hopeful to see other platforms mentioned during the official announcement.

The quality of the game, however, will only be determined with the MGS Delta release, as the older game's remake may also feature similar graphics and controls.

The company also ported the original game for consoles and PCs. The reception however was mixed as some were happy to be able to play the game while others complained about the price along with no higher resolution support.

Recent years have seen a similar trend with Capcom remaking its iconic series of Resident Evil. This move of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is working well as both new and old gamers can enjoy genre-defining titles.

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