MSI teases its upcoming handheld device, reveal planned for CES 2024

MSI is expected to reveal their first handheld gaming device next week during the CES 2024, fans suspect they might be using new generation Intel processors

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MSI handheld

With an aim to make gaming as portable as possible, companies are now focusing on making powerful handheld devices. Hopping on this trend, MSI is also set to reveal its new Handheld gaming console at the CES next week.

MSI recently released a teaser video showcasing a close-up shot of the device. “A whole new breed of MSI dragon is coming.⁠ Get a grip and stay tuned.,” the company wrote.

The first look reveals the RGB thumb sticks and a design inspired by Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. Furthermore, the device also seems to have a lot of exhaust vents that might help with battery backup and temperature.

This will be the first-ever handheld device by MSI. However, the company is popular for making some top-quality gaming hardware which has got the fans excited about the upcoming announcement.

Under MSI’s post, people also noted a response from Intel, which has raised rumours that the device might be using the latest generation Intel processor. Although, specifications will soon be revealed along with its price.

Speaking of price, it is also expected to be one of the makers and breakers of the device. If the device is too expensive, it may not be very popular on launch, especially with other alternatives available.

Handheld devices and their popularity

Nowadays, gaming has become a popular hobby, however, everyone does not gets the same amount of time to play. This is where handheld devices come in. These can help people game anywhere they want and are much easier to carry around.

But mobile devices can also do that. However, there is a huge difference. Mobile phones cannot run AAA video game titles due to hardware limitations. Online PC games are usually not ported to mobile devices and when they are, there is usually no cross-play.

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