New Halo game likely under development

LinkedIn details of 343 industry employees suggest that a new Halo game has been in development for close to two years. Although there has been no official announcement from the developers.

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Redemption arc soon?

One of the most popular video game series, Halo, in recent days, has been facing some rough waters. That said, the current developers in 343 industries might be cooking something new.

A recent revelation from two of the 343 employees linked in the profile is hinting towards a new instalment in the Halo franchise, or at least something new in Halo. While it’s true that the studio would not simply stop after Halo Infinite, one of the employees works on Unreal Engine.

An account of X (IdleSloth84_) providing news and leaks related to Xbox shared profile images of the employees. Justin Dinges, an art director, has seemingly worked on “Halo’s next unannounced release”.

Another employee, Ian Slutz, who is a character designer, works with Unreal Engine 5. The original game was made on Bungie’s “blam!” engine and the latest Halo instalment is using the Slipspace engine.

There is currently no official word from Xbox or 343 Industries. However, that did not stop fans from theorizing. It might be the next instalment of Halo, or it could be a spin-off from the series. Another popular trend is the remake of original games.

Halo Infinite: What went wrong?

Infinite’s release was disappointing. The game was lacking a lot of things, and the single-player campaign story was also not up to par. 343 tried the semi-open word format, but that also did not work out well due to a lack of things to do.

One of the biggest complaints that was the fast-forwarded story from Halo 5 Guardians. Alongside this, there was no proper co-op, split-screen multiplayer, no Covenant faction, lack of forge and many other signature Halo things that made fans angry.

While the developers have made several additions, the game lost its initial charm. Since it was a live service game, the lack of content saw huge criticism. The game did see some players come back, but the numbers are nowhere close to old Halo titles.

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