NiP likely to see a roster shake up after CS2 RMR disaster

Reports suggest that Ninjas in Pyjamas might be working on a roster change after continuous bad performances in multiple Counter-Strike tournaments

Sarah Andrew
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Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) had a disappointing run in the CS2 PGL European RMR A. Not only did the team fail to qualify for the PGL Major, they came home with no wins.

The team lost all three of their matches against Eternal Fire, AMKAL ESPORTS and SAW. This is only one of the few disasters NiP has seen in the last few months. The team has not been able to perform very well after their previous roster change.

Disasters at the RMRs

After losing to Eternal Fire in the opening round, NiP put up a fight against AMKAL ESPORTS. The match went to overtime three times, with the team struggling to get a grip.

NiP eventually lost the game, marking the second loss and a do-or-die situation. The final match was against SAW. Both teams were fighting to survive and stay in the race.

The match was played as best-of-three, with all stats pointing towards easy victory for NiP. However, they were dominated by SAW in the first two matches. The match ended with a 2-0 victory for SAW, with none of the matches going overtime.

Roster overhaul

As per HLTV reports, three players from the team, es3tag, k0nfig and headtr1ck will either be let go or benched. This will only leave Alejandro "⁠Alex⁠" Masanet and Fredrik "⁠REZ⁠" Sterner as the active players.

Not only the recent RMR, but the team saw some questionable performance during the IEM Chengdu open qualifiers and BLAST Spring Groups. The decision to reevaluate the roster likely stemmed from this.

The remaining players have been a part of NiP for a long time and will likely see new faces moving forward. There is currently no news on who will be replacing these three players.

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