Orangutan dominates Day 1 at ESL Pro Series BGMI

ESL Pro Series for BGMI concludes Day 1 with Orangutan gaming winning two out of six matches, secure the top spot on leaderboard with huge margin

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ESL Pro Series BGMI

ESL Pro Series BGMI

Orangutan takes the top spot at the ongoing ESL Pro Series for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The tournament is featuring 16 teams that qualified through Challenge series semifinals.

Day 1 saw the 16 teams face each other across six matches. Orangutan managed to secure two wins and rise to the top with a huge point difference. However, not every team was fortunate enough to reach the top even with a chicken dinner.

Match winners Day 1

The first match was secured by Orangutan with 27 points, setting them with a nice early lead. Next match was bagged by Team iFlicks who were eliminated early in the first match with 23 points.

Third match was secured by Entity Gaming with 25 points. The team had a confusing first day run where their performance was good but not good enough to reach the top three. The fourth match went to OR Esports with 23 points. They are also in the second spot after Day 1.

The fifth match, Carnival Gaming with a 29 point win. Apart from that, the team struggle to find footing. Final match for Day 1 again went to Orangutan with a 20 point chicken dinner giving them another boost on the leaderboard.

Here are the standings after Day 1

Orangutan - 85 points

OR Esports - 62 points

Team SouL - 62 points

Blind eSports - 56 points

Chemin Esports - 50 points

Entity Gaming - 47 points

Team Forever - 47 points

Revenant Esports - 46 points

Hydra - 42 points

Carnival Gaming - 41 points

Team Iflick - 38 points

Gujarat Tigers - 31 points

WSB Gaming - 29 points

Global Esports - 29 points

GENxFM Esports - 26 points

Gods Reign - 25 points

Team SouL managed to reach the third place on par with OR Esports in second spot without winning a single match. The finishes and position score was enough to bring the team to the top.

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