Overwatch 2 adds new cosmetics and game modes for Lunar New Year event

Overwatch 2 celebrates the Lunar New Year with a brand-new event featuring new time-limited modes, challenges and rewards, Prop Hunt mode returns with new map

Sarah Andrew
New Update

Overwatch 2

The latest update for Overwatch 2 celebrating the Lunar New Year is now live for all players. Once again, the event has brought new game modes, challenges, rewards, and cosmetics.

Seasonal events are some of the most anticipated activities in an online game. Not only do they provide various free items, there are also various time-limited game modes.

What’s new for players?

  • New game modes

Overwatch 2 has added Prop Hunt as one of the limited-time modes. Prop Hunt is one of the most popular seasonal game modes in several games. Players will hide as props and others have to search for them.

New Arcade modes are also available for the event. These include Capture the Flag and another version with faster gameplay called Capture the Flag Blitz.

  • New cosmetics

Companies with a live service game incentivize the seasonal event, so players get seasonal cosmetics. As long as they are not maliciously priced, players are fine with it in a free-to-play game.

  • Challenges

As usual, players will also be handed a list of challenges associated with the events. Completing these can give Battle Pass XP as well as free cosmetic items to players. Completing the challenges will give up to 50,000 bonus XP.

A lot of things changing for Overwatch in 2024

Overwatch 2 has seen its fair share of criticism. However, things are looking better for the community this year. A new Overwatch esports circuit was recently announced after the OW League ended last year.

The tournaments will be open for everyone and teams will have to earn their spot in the championship. The most recent lay-off at Activision Blizzard however has fans wondering about the fate of the studio.

As per reports, the layoffs also affected the esports department. Currently, there is no news if recruits will take over. Else, the upcoming Overwatch Champions Series may see some hiccups.

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