Popular Xbox Hi-Fi Rush might get ported for Nintendo Switch

Gaming Industry insider reveals that Xbox might bring its old exclusive to other platforms including Hi-Fi Rush, which was released last year on Nintendo Switch.

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Is XBOX sharing exclusives?

Rhythm-based action game, Hi-Fi Rush, is rumoured to make its way into Nintendo Switch devices this year. The game released back in 2023 was the first to kick off one of the best gaming years in the last few years.

While it is rare for a gaming company to share their exclusives on other platforms, it is not completely unheard of. Studios have not started releasing games on other platforms after keeping them exclusive for some time. Sony has ported some of its exclusives to PC.

Microsoft also recently acquired Activision Blizzard for $69 billion after a long legal battle and might be trying to create trust among gamers. It also previously signed a contract to bring Call of Duty titles to Nintendo platforms.

Not only Hi-Fi Rush, but other older Xbox-exclusive titles may also see themselves on other platforms as the company is reportedly “exploring bringing some of its back catalog to other platforms”.

Another news that has gamers excited is the Xbox Developer Direct event, which is also said to be taking place this month. Considering that last year’s event was also in January, it is a fair assumption.

What is Developer Direct?

Developer Direct is where Xbox studios announce their upcoming games, including exclusives. Along with that, gamers also get updates on the Game Pass. Much like last year, gamers are excited about this year’s game announcement.

Hi-Fi Rush was also announced and launched during last year’s Developer Direct, along with other Xbox titles like Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom expansion and Redfall.

While these are just rumours, they do come from industry insiders like Nate the Hate, who boasts a pretty good track record when it comes to updates for the video game industry.

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