Revenant Esports teams up with AMD for upcoming tournaments

Popular Indian esports organization, Revenant Esports teams with AMD as the official title partner for upcoming tournaments for both mobile and PC this year.

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Ahead of all upcoming tournaments of 2024, Revenant Esports have teamed up with AMD as their official title partner. The team already have a great track record across various esports events and is quite popular among fans.

Apart from a few, the team have managed to secure multiple top-ten finishes in esports events. Ever since BGMI was unbanned last year, the team has been on a grind. Last year, the team secured second position in the Skyesports Championship 5.0.

While the team is going through rough competition in the Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series, many more tournaments will allow the team to prove themselves.

Current line-up for Revenant Esports 

Deepak “SENSEI” Negi

Nishant “Apollo”

Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandar

Kaushal “Simp” Jaiswal

AMD is one of the biggest semiconductor companies that manufactures processors and graphics cards. Over a decade, AMD has teamed up with multiple esports tournament hosts and teams. The collaboration with Revenant Esports, given its popularity and success, is a bold move.

CEO of Revenant Esports, Rohit Jagasia, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with AMD once again as our title sponsor. At Revenant Esports, our ethos revolves around aligning with the absolute best. It's not just about enhancing the brands we collaborate with, but also about propelling the gaming industry to greater heights.”

Furthermore, PC gaming in the esports sector is also experiencing rapid growth. Games like Valorant and Counter-Strike are getting more popular. Multiple tournaments, both official and unofficial, are planned throughout 2024. 

The partnership with AMD is likely to help the PC roster for Revenant Esports to get their hands on some of the best gaming components the company is known for.

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