Team Liquid Nisha takes home BBD Dota 2 1v1 championship crown

BBD Dota 2 1v1 championship with Nisha from Team Liquid taking home the 2024 champion title after defeating last year's champion gpk and Xm from Xtreme Gaming.

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Team Liquid Nisha

BBD Dota 2 ( Source: X)

Apart from the main BetBoom Dacha (BBD) 2024 Dota 2 tournament, a 1v1 event on the side recently concluded. The tournament features some of the best players going against each other solo.

Team Liquid mid-laner Michal “Nisha” Jankowski managed to secure the championship. Going against Guo “Xm” Hongcheng from Xtreme Gaming, Nisha managed a swift 3-1 victory. This year, the solo tournament features a prize pool of $100,000 with Nisha taking $50,000 as first prize.

Victory conditions 

Tower Destruction

Two kills

Surrender of the opponent

If within 15 minutes neither player has reached any of the above conditions, the following formula will be taken into account: Summary of creepstat + kills x 35

An undefeated journey for both finalists

Both Nisha and Xm from Round 2 of the tournament, defeated their opponents in the best-of-one series. After reaching the semifinals, the matches were played as best-of-three.

Nisha defeated squad1x and Xm defeated Setsu to reach the semifinals. During the semifinals, Nisha faced the BetBoom Dacha 2024 solo tournament champion Danil “gpk” Skutin.

While losing the first match, gpk made a comeback in the second one with a swift 3-minute victory over Nisha. This led to the final match, which stretched for 15 minutes, with Nisha standing as the victor through Creepstat and moving to the grand finals.

Xm also defeated his opponent Boxi by taking the first match via Creepstat. The second match saw him defeated, only to make a comeback in the final round.

The grand finals were played as best-of-five, with Nisha taking the first match. Xm responded with a win in the second match. However, Nisha received and won two matches back to back, leading to his victory.

Here are the prohibitions for 1v1 matches

  • Farming in the jungle
  • Destroying observer wards
  • Visiting other lanes
  • Blocking the first wave of creeps
  • Collecting and using runes
  • Bottle and infused raindrops
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