Tekken 8: All game modes explained

Take a quick look at the various game modes that released with Tekken 8, includes both returning and new game modes including Super Ghost Battle with new AI battles

Sarah Andrew
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Tekken Reina

Tekken 8 released with a great reception from fans. While the game did have some netcode issues on launch, they were quickly addressed. The new instalment in the series gave the story mode a continuation and new game modes.

New and returning character like Reina, Alisa were also liked by the players. However, today we will have a look at all the game modes in Tekken 8.

Listed below is every game mode in Tekken 8

Story Mode - The Dark Awakens is the continuation of Tekken lore. It further expands on the ongoing story between Jin and His father, Kazuya. While the plot can be seen as generic, it is a fun way to know the lore and character move set.

VS Mode - As the name suggests, players can practice with a bot or challenge other players or friends to a 1v1 due in this mode.

Arcade Battle - Arcade Battle is one of the long-running modes where players choose a character and fight your way to the final boss battle. It is a good way to challenge yourself and learn several characters.

Super Ghost Battle - This is a new form of mode where players can fight with other players but now in real-time. They will be fighting with a ghost of other players. This is similar to Elden Ring’s characters fights in coliseum, where AI is handed the build and play style of real players.

Arcade Quest - Players can create their own mini avatar in this mode and play against other AI avatars across various arcade machines.

Tekken Ball - Tekken Ball is back after so many years. It is a fun, light-hearted game mode of beach volleyball. It comes as a small break from all other fighting modes.

Character Customization - Not much of a game mode, here players can create their own custom characters. One thing fighting games let players do best is customizing their characters. In-fact, people are already going nuts with all kinds of creation.

Online - Online mode is where fighting games shines. For most people, other modes do now even exists. Players fight with other players in real time in the online mode.

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