w7m esports reaches grand finals of Six Invitational 2024

w7m esports blasts through the lower brackets to reach the Six Invitational 2024 grand finals, will face Faze Clan in a best-of-five matchup

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Six Invitational 2024

G2 Esports and Virtus.pro faced defeat at the hands of w7m Esports, who currently seems to be an unstoppable force from the lower bracket. With their recent win, the team has secured their spot in the grand finals.

w7m will now face Faze Clan, who made their way to the grand finals a few days back through the upper bracket. Will Faze be able to conquer their opponents once again, or will w7m put a stop to them?

w7m esports Vs G2 Esports

After dropping to the lower bracket, G2 Esports started dominating their opponents. That was until they matched with w7m esports. In the best of three lower bracket semifinals, w7m dominated G2.

With a back-to-back victory in the first two matches, w7m did not give G2 a chance to make any move. The games ended with a scoreline of 7:1 and 7:3 sending G2 to the 4th spot.

w7m esports Vs Virtus.pro

After defeating G2, w7m matches with Virtus.pro, who came to the lower bracket after losing to Faze Clan. This was their one chance to go to the grand finals and try their hand at a payback.

As expected of the team reaching the upper bracket final, Virtus.pro put up a great fight. After losing the first map, the team made a good comeback in the second. With this, the match went to the decider map.

w7m, however, managed to secure the final map with a very close scoreline of 8:7. With this loss, Virtus.pro ended their run at third position in Six Invitational 2024.

The grand final will be played as a best-of-five between w7m esports and Faze clan, with no map advantage to any team.

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