Haaland names 7 strikers he thinks are better than him!

By Miguel Prazeres

October 2, 2020

One of the best prospects of the new generation in European football, Erling Haaland revealed which strikers he thinks are better than himself.

In a Norwegian podcast called “Topp 3”, the young striker from Dortmund gave a curious look in comparing his game with the world’s best strikers, with some questionable choices. Some will argue that the 20-year-old striker left some strikers out of the list while including some that are arguably not in his level.

Haaland names 7 strikers above him

Despite referring that he would choose himself to start in an important match, Erling Haaland mentioned 7 world-class strikers that are better than him.

The list:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus;
  • Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich;
  • Sergio Aguero, Manchester City;
  • Roberto Firmino, Liverpool;
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Arsenal;
  • Harry Kane, Tottenham;
  • Timo Werner, Chelsea.

Notable by his fast pace and incredible finishing at such a young age, Erling Haaland mentions strikers with very different styles. Especially names like Aubameyang, Werner and Firmino. If the first two play preferably in the wing, Firmino makes most of his game by getting the ball far behind to assist Sadio Mane and Mo Salah.

If we could choose, the most similar one would be Lewandowski or Kane. Not only by their physical similarities but also by their ability to move within the opposite defense and finish at a high-efficiency rate. However, Haaland has still a tremendous upside. If in terms of pace he already surpasses both Lewandowski and Kane, you can only expect him to get better in his finishing, off the ball movement, first touch, and many other technical parts of the game. About Ronaldo, let’s just say the Portuguese is from a different category.

Having completed a stunning 2019/20 season with 44 goals in 40 matches, with historic performances at the Bundesliga and Champions League, the 20-year-old continues to shine. 4 official matches for Dortmund so far this season, 3 goals!

Haaland faces Freiburg this weekend, before joining his national team for a decisive clash against Serbia.

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