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Harbhajan Singh choses not to make any predictions for the India vs Pakistan game

By BetBarter Staff

June 19, 2022

The India-Pakistan rivalry is one of the best in world cricket. The fact that they play against each other in ICC games adds to the excitement around the contest. While everyone has their thinking hats on during this game, Harbhajan Singh‘s predictions in the last encounter were not the best.

During the game between India and Pakistan in the 20-20 World Cup in 2021, Harbhajan had predicted that India would comfortably beat Pakistan as they had a clean sheet in all of the World Cup games. However, the Prediction turned out to be a complete disaster as Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets.

The two sides will face off again later this year at the 20-20 World Cup in Australia. Bhajji has now opted to not give any predictions for that match. “I told Shoaib Akhtar that there’s no sense in Pakistan participating; you should give us a walkover. You’ll play, you’ll lose again, and you’ll be upset,” he said, as quoted by Cricket Pakistan.

“Our squad is extremely solid, very powerful, and they will easily beat you guys,” he had remarked during India’s previous encounter against Pakistan.

Following the match, Pakistani supporters, including cricketers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Amir, trolled the former off-spinner. Bhajji has opted to avoid from making any comments before the match because of his dread of losing to Pakistan.

‘I won’t be giving any statement’- Harbhajan Singh

“We have another T20 World Cup and this year, I won’t be giving any statement and won’t talk over who will win [between Pakistan and India]. Mauka Mauka or whatever, we will see what is going to happen as last time around things went bad due to this,” he told Shoaib Akhtar during a conversation.

In the meantime, Shoaib warned Harbhajan not to make any predictions, and the latter agreed. The match between the two arch-rivals is scheduled for October 23rd at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This will be the tournament’s first game for both teams. The world cup will begin on the 22nd of October.