Historical Journey of the Test Playing Nations

By Bet Barter

August 14, 2020

The Test format is the oldest one in cricket. In the old days, test cricket matches were the craze for the people. The organizers used to organize cricket matches in Test format during a particular season only.

During the initial days, test matches had a longer length. Then the organizer slowly reduced the playing length to 5 days.

Today we should investigate the past of Test Cricket matches. Stroll down the world of fond memories of this mainstream arrangement of cricket with us. Take a gander at the excursion of the groups, when they began embracing this configuration.


Test cricket venture began when England group started to play in this organization in 1877. What’s more, to date, England has played 1026 matches. It has been 143 years of the period of test Cricket design. It is England who took cricket to their states and advocated the game and made it worldwide. In these 1026 matches, England won 374 games while the restricting country won 305 games. No game tied for England. However, 347 games got drawn.


The Australian group was the person who began the excursion of test cricket with England. For the Australian group also it has been 143 years. This group has taken an interest in 830 matches and won 393 games. The adversary groups of various countries won 224 games. 2 games got tied, and 211 games got drawn.

West Indies

The following country to begin taking an interest in the test cricket group is West Indies. To date, West Indies has played 548 matches with winning 175 of them and the rival groups winning 197. Out of 548 games, 175 got drawn, and 1 got tied.


Britain carried cricket to India, and the Indian group began to play in the test cricket design from 1932. Altogether, Indian has played 542 matches, won 157, and lost 167. 1 game got tied, and 216 games have drawn.

New Zealand

New Zealand started playing in the test group 2 years preceding India in 1930. The group has played 442 test matches from that point forward, and out of 442 won 101 and lost 175 games. 166 games have got drawn.

South Africa

South African cricket crew is another of the most established group to start playing in test cricket design in 1889. The Proteas has played 439 test matches from that point forward and won 165 however lost 150. 124 games got drawn.


Pakistani cricket crew began to play in the test cricket group from 1952. From that point forward, the group has played 429 matches, won 138, and lost 131 games. 160 games have got drawn.

Sri Lanka

This little country started with their test cricket design in 1982 and has just played 289 matches. Sri Lankan group has won 92 games and lost 109. 88 matches have got drawn.


The team of Zimbabwe began playing in test matches from 1992 and played a sum of 110 games as recorded for this present year in 2020. They have won 12 games and lost 70. 28 games have drawn.


Bangladeshi cricket crew started playing in test matches in 2000 and played an aggregate of 119 games as recorded for the current year in 2020. The group has won 14 games and lost 89. 16 games have drawn.

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