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‘I would try to create a lot more shots’: Brain Lara on what he would like to change in Cheteshwar Pujara’s batting

By BetBarter Staff

August 25, 2021

Legendary cricketer Brian Lara has said he would like to add a few more shorts to Pujara's arsenal if given an opportunity to change something in his batting style. India’s number three managed to get back to runs by scoring a patient 45 in 206 balls in the second Test match at Lords. He formed a crucial 100-run stand with vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane and waded a tricky little period.

It is a known fact that Pujara takes time to start the innings and frustrates the opposition bowlers by blocking most of the balls before trying to score runs. At times, he manages to score runs but at other times he struggles to capitalize, even after batting for 200 odd balls. Discussing Pujara’s strike rate and his batting style, Lara on ‘Follow The Blues said, "Pujara, definitely for me, I mean as a batsman, I am not the same as a player, that has ability to be so patient and score at such a low strike rate. So, for me, if I was a coach or if I was someone that wanted Pujara to improve, I would try to create a lot more shots and try to score a strike rate that is more beneficial to him and the team." 

Lara further opined that by batting slowly, Pujara offers enough time to the bowlers to take his wicket. "He does the job, and I know the job he does, but I just feel that when you bat that slowly, there are a lot of momentum swings in your innings and you allow the bowlers so many deliveries at yourself, even before you get to three figures -- that you are going to find yourself coming up short a lot of times," he added.