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‘If you guys can keep quiet, everything will be fine’ – Rohit Sharma bashes media for hyping Virat Kohli’s form concerns

By BetBarter Staff

February 15, 2022

Virat Kohli has been under the radar of media and fans for his performances and his 71st international century. He failed to perform in the ODI series against West Indies, scoring just 26 runs across three matches. Everyone is also eager to watch him score his next century, he last scored a hundred in 2019.

Virat’s inconsistent performance ahead of the West Indies T20 series was the subject of a question for Rohit Sharma in the press conference. To deal with this, the Indian skipper responded with an out lash on the media. “I think it all starts with you guys (the media). If talking from your side stops, everything will be taken care of,” he said.

Adding further, Rohit said, “He is in a very good space from what I can see and he has been part of the international team for more than a decade. He has spent so much time in international cricket that he knows how to handle pressure situations. So I think everything starts from you guys. If you guys can keep it quiet for a bit everything will fall in place.”

Rohit has been backing Virat Kohli and his confidence throughout the series against West Indies. In a press conference post the ODI matches, he said that Virat Kohli was high on confidence, and that team management was backing him to perform well.

“Does Virat Kohli need more confidence? (laughs). If Kohli is in need of confidence, then who in the team is confident? I know he has not scored a hundred for long but he is getting fifties. Even in South Africa, he hit 2 fifties in 3 matches,” said the India white-ball skipper.

Virat Kohli has not scored a century in over two years, but he has given some good performances and has scored a few half-centuries in the meantime.