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Indian legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar eventually opens up on the infamous walkout incident in 1981

By Bet Barter

January 3, 2021

The scandalous walkout occurrence at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) had caused an enormous contention in 1981. It took place when India visited Australia. It was revealed that Sunil Gavaskar had chosen to leave as he wasn't happy with the choice of the umpire. In any case, after forty years, the previous skipper cleared that he had chosen to leave the match mid-path after the Australian players had slighted Gavaskar by saying get lost.

The 1981 series between India and Australia is significantly associated with a wrong umpiring choice by the on-field umpire Rex Whitehead. It had created all the uproar on the field. The entire embarrassment initiated when the Australian legendary fast bowler Dennis Lillee bowled a sharp in-swing delivery that made the umpire raise his finger to get Gavaskar out. The right-hander was looking very unhappy after that decision.

Umpire Rex gave his choice of lbw in the courtesy of the bowling side; nonetheless, the choice was ludicrously contradicted by Gavaskar. He was firm that the ball had got his bat before hitting the pad. The Indian skipper had made his contradiction very obvious by remaining on the ground for quite a while as a dissent.

Sunil Gavaskar, at last, dispels any confusion with respect to his walkout choice

Nonetheless, following a couple of moments, the opening batsman chose to leave the ground. He left smoldering when he heard a remark made by one of the Australian players. Out of frustration, Gavaskar strolled back to the field and asked his batting partner Chetan Chauhan to stroll with him.

Despite the fact that Chetan was distracted, he chose to comply with his skipper and began to leave the ground. Notwithstanding, the two batsmen met team director Shahid Durrani and assistant manager, Bapu Nadkarni, on the boundary rope. The management in one way or another figured out how to persuade Gavaskar to release Chetan back to the field.

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