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Indian T20 League 2022: Rajasthan all-rounder unhappy with new playing conditions set by BCCI for the tournament

By BetBarter Staff

March 16, 2022

The Indian T20 League's 15th edition is about to get underway in less than two weeks, with some new playing conditions. There have been some new rules that the BCCI has adopted for the coming season which are according to the MCC norms.

Among the numerous revisions, the BCCI embraced Marylebone Cricket Club's (MCC) idea that the new batter replaces the dismissed batter once the batter is caught, regardless of whether both batters had crossed each other before the catch was taken. However, New Zealand and Rajasthan all-rounder James Neesham is not in favour of this idea.

He took it to Twitter to make his opinion. "I don’t really understand the point of this. Has this rule ever been a problem? Also rewards batsmen who don’t stay aware of the match situation," he wrote in his tweet.

While a few netizens agreed with 31-year-old, most of the users said this was a step in the right direction as the bowlers should be rewarded for their efforts. The users flooded the comments with logical reasons to defend the decision.

"You are a bowler too, won't you like to be rewarded to bowl at new batsman at death overs rather than the set guy from non-striker?" a user rightly pointed out. "I think it's to shift some power away from the batting side to the bowling side, in a format and a league that has (at least to the untrained eye) appeared largely batting dominated," another user said.

Here are some of the best tweets: