Interesting Facts about Pakistan Cricketer Imran Khan

Do you remember Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi? Oh! You have popularly known him as Imran Khan. He is the well-known face of Pakis cricket and now the Pakistan political figure.

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Do you remember Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi? Oh! You have popularly known him as Imran Khan. He is the well-known face of Pakistan cricket and now the Pakistan political figure. He is a well-known previous cricketer, government official, and altruist. The cricket fans now see him as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan and a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. For the people of his nation, he has played a crucial role in the Pakistan Movement of Justice. However, much before all the political drama, he was one of the best cricketers Pakistan had ever produced. He played with his national team for more than two decades.

Imran Khan is working in the political field since April 25th, 1996, and is the Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party at present. Led by Hanif Abbasi, who is famous in both the political and business sector, Imran joined National Assembly on 11th May 2013. Likewise, Khan is additionally the Chancellor of the University of Bradford.

If you want to know the other talents of Khan, let us tell you that he is a writer as well. He has a book - Pakistan: A Personal History and this book are quite famous locally.

We are focussing more on his cricketing career as we are interested in more than his political one. Look at a portion of the lesser-known and intriguing realities about Imran Khan beneath in this post.

Lesser-known realities about Imran Khan

The real birth date of Imran not clear at this point. If anyone notices his identity card, the day mentioned there - 25th November as his birth date. However, online sources mention that it is October 5, 1952.

Did anybody realize what the complete name of Imran is? All things considered, it is Ahmad Khan Niazi Imran. In his entire cricket and now the political career, he has never used this name.

He is the best Pakistani cricket crew chief throughout the entire existence of Pakistan cricket.

His inclusion in the National Cricket Team of Pakistan was due to his pure talent. Indeed, he didn't complete his scholastics when he was chosen.

Imran Khan started playing cricket at the young age of 16 and made it his career. His first match was between the Lahore team and Sargodha.

Imran was conceived in a high society family; his dad is a landowner and structural architect. In Mianwali, he grew up with his other four sisters. Imran's fatherly family has a place with a Niazi clan.

Imran fell from a tree in his school once, when he was climbing it. From that point forward, Imran faces certain difficulties during his expert profession in cricket moreover.

When Imran became a test cricketer his dream came true. When Imran was only nine years of age, he longed for turning into an effective test cricketer.

Indian Cricket chose Imran Khan for a special award of the best cricketer in 1990.

Imran turns into the commander of the Pakistan cricket crew in 1982. While staying as the captain of the Pakistan National Cricket Team, he led 48 test matches and 139 ODI matches.

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Imran Khan