Is Cricket another religion in India?

There are more than 2.5 billion supporters for Cricket all over the world across the continents of Asia, Australia and U.K. But, is cricket an essential part of India?

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Cricket fans in India

Cricket fans in India

There are more than 2.5 billion supporters for Cricket all over the world across the continents of Asia, Australia and U.K.  But, is cricket an essential part of India?

India is an incredible country where there is tons of religion and many Gods have been worshiped throughout the year. There is one more religion that unites 90% of 1 billion people in India. The name of the religion which everyone loves, almost all the Indians is Cricket. In a survey, it is mentioned that India has the greatest number of fans of this particular sport as compared to the other nations. We Indians are so passionate about it that you can find loads of people here debating about the cricket. And the most important occasion of this sports is the ICC events, the World Cups.

ICC is the overseeing body of the game, it has the right of about 100 members. ICC always checks the standard and guidelines of cricket and places the adventures and coordinations like Series and World Cups.

What if we analyze the nuts and bolts of India's most popular game Cricket? Cricket is a game where 2 groups each having 11 members in a field. Both teams go up against one another for scoring the most quantities of runs on a 22-yard pitch and the group with the most runs dominate the game.

Cricket is the most popular sport in India

There are 3 principle organizations of this game: Test coordinate, One-day global (ODI), and T20. ICC began the Cricket World Cup in the year 1975 where sublime West Indies won without precedent for the historical backdrop of cricket lead by Clive Lloyd. Again, following 4 years West Indies got the second title and got unparalleled.

Fast forward to 1983 World Cup where India defeated the defending champion and became the 2nd team to win the World Cup lead by Kapil Dev at Lords. After winning the 1983 World Cup brings the whole new wave of self-belief and enthusiasm in the younger generation.

We gave our best for almost 3 decades to win another ODI World Cup under various captain like Mohammad Azharuddin, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, etc. until Mahendra Singh Dhoni help India to lift the 2nd World Cup after 28 years of hard work in 2011 and helped to achieve Sachin Tendulkar’s lifetime dream of winning World Cup.

Sachin Tendulkar not only the legend of the Indian cricket team also the legend of the world cricket. He is famously known as the GOD of cricket. He served India for almost 22 years and let us experience the greatest moments of Indian cricket. Whether it be double century against mighty South Africa or 84 runs innings against Pakistan of just 43 deliveries or lot more. And he showed us how one can be so good in his entire life to this wonderful sport.

Yes, Cricket is another and most loved religion in India. Whether it be India vs Pakistan or IPL we all love cricket. We all very passionate about it. Everyone in this country is eager to watch, discuss, fight or debate about cricket. And nevertheless, it will be always a hot topic in this country.

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