'It is not all gone' - Wrestling veteran's take on Summer Slam clash between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns

%%title%% The former WWE wrestler said that the story between the members of the bloodline needs to be sharpened

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Jey Uso (Source: Twitter)

The Summer Slam 2023 clash between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns did not have the ending fans would have anticipated. Jey, who had the upper hand towards the end part of the match, was betrayed by his brother Jimmy, who super-kicked him and destroyed the confidence and momentum the right-hand man was in. 

Talking about the incident in Smackdown, Jimmy said he did not want Jey to win the match as he did not want his brother to become corrupt after being in power. As Jimmy gave his reason, Reigns asked Jey to acknowledge him. Jey replied with a super kick. The 37-year-old also super-kicked Solo Sikoa and later super-kicked and speared the tribal chief after getting punched.  

As Jimmy was about to return to the locker room, Jey called him and super-kicked him. Jey was seemingly disappointed with everything. As the former Tag team champion was about to return back among the audience, he frustratingly and disappointedly said “I am out. I am out of the bloodline. I am out of the Smackdown. I am out of the WWE.”  

'They need to sharpen the story' - WWE veteran

Jey’s move shocked everyone. Many speculated Jey to join AEW. The later reports suggest that Jey has not quit WWE, and the statement came out of frustration. Talking about the match between Jey and Reigns in the Summer Slam 2023, the veteran Dutch Mantell said that it was not up to the mark.  

“That last segment, I do not think they 100% bought into it. You could tell the crowd was kinda saying, 'Uh, I do not know about this.' So, I hope they pick up on that and address it. I mean, it is not all gone. I mean, that story is still there. But they are gonna have to sharpen that up a little bit. The turn shocked them enough. But to come back and put it back together in one show was too much," said Mantell while speaking on a talk show about Bloodline Clash.  

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