Javed Miandad Reveals Ugly Board Politics That Led To Match Fixing, Foreign Influence On Pakistan Cricket

By BetBarter Staff

November 15, 2022

Pakistan were defeated by England by five wickets in the 20-20 World Cup 2022 final on Sunday in Melbourne. The Pakistan team, particularly the batting order, is under fire for its performance in the final, but former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad revealed an unusual concern in the squad.

Miandad hinted that Pakistan has relied more on foreign coaches in recent years; in the current setup, the team’s mentor is Matthew Hayden, and the bowling coach is Shaun Tait. The former Pakistan head coach also wondered about the future of the current players, given that the management is increasingly favouring foreign coaches.

Ham logon ne County kheli hai, magar aaj jo ye ladke khel rahe hain, inka future kya hai? (We have played County, but those who are playing right now, what’s their future?),” Miandad said on Cricket Pakistan.

Miandad became irritated when the anchor mentioned that Veron Philander was also on the support staff at the 20-20 World Cup last year. “Lao na inko, inse ham log question karenge. Puchein toh sahi ham bhi, batao cricket ke baare me. (Bring them to the studio, we will ask them questions. We also want to know what they know about cricket),” Miandad said. Board apne aap ko bachaati hai ki aasaani se aa jaayein, fir ham log sahi hain. (Board tries to save itself with such hiring),” he continued.

Apne logon ko dekhein, apne logon ne jo cricket kheli hai: Javed Miandad

Then Miandad made an explosive statement about match-fixing scandals in Pakistan cricket.

“Apne logon ko dekhein, apne logon ne jo cricket kheli hai. Mujhe aisa kuch nahi hai, mujhe badi offers aati hain par main nahi jaata. Ye jo players khel rahe hain, ab ye aaj khel rahe hain. Inka future kya hai? Unko pata hai ki aaj maine kuch nahi kiya, toh kal main kya karunga? Fixing iss vajah se hui thi. Sabko dar tha ki ye kaat naa de hamko. (Look at our crickets who have played cricket in the past. I’m not talking about myself, I’ve received a lot of offers in the past but I don’t go. What will happen to players who are there right now? They know they don’t have anywhere to go if they don’t perform. Fixing happened because of this very reason. Everyone was scared that their career will be over),” Miandad concluded.