Know more about Ashish Nehra

By Bet Barter

September 10, 2020

Ashish Nehra was chosen from nowhere to make his test debut against Sri Lanka at the 1998-99 Asian Test Championship. He was discarded for what seemed like forever after a regular outing.

Nehra eventually marked his arrival, not until the 2003 World Cup. At Kingsmead, the ball was moving around, both in the air and outside; briskly, vomiting on the floor; having a banana, scything through the line-up in England with six for 23. Javagal Srinath and Zaheer Khan received excellent support all throughout the tournament and finished with 15 wickets at 19:26 and a 4:26 economy.

Sadly, his lean 6’4 “frame was more fragile than the eyes, and Nehra spent a lot of time outside the Indian squad with one injury after another. His accidents and discrepancies culminated in a delay in research. Even though he was part of India’s World Cup-winning side for 2011, he never did have a good ODI season. Previously, he became the first Indian to take two 6 winds in ODIs; while in 2005 he took all the 6 Sri Lankan wickets to a bowler. The second, 6 for 59, arrived at Premadasa.

A new lifeline was provided by IPL to Nehra. He played for the Indians of Mumbai, for Pune Warriors India, for Delhi Daredevils and for the Chennai Super Kings.

In the 1999 Asian Test Championship against Sri Lanka, Nehra made his debut for India. Very few active cricketers that have made their debut in the previous century are still active international cricketers. Of course, Nehra is one. In 1999, only a few days after Nehra’s debut, Virender Sehwag too made his first appearance in India. Nehra is currently the second oldest IPL player worldwide.

Nehra’s friendship with Sehwag

In One-Day cricket, six wickets aren’t easy; and if you thought that Nehra spells England was just a single wonder, it wasn’t. Nehra took six wickets in 2005, this time from 6 to 59, against Sri Lanka in Colombo.

He was with Mumbai Indians during the inaugural edition and with Delhi Daredevils for the next two seasons. He was with Pune Warriors for 2011 and 2012, followed by Delhi Daredevils for another season. Chennai Super Kings took him in 2014. He was with Sunrisers Hyderabad from 2016 onwards.

Nehra’s comeback in IPL

In 2015-16 he made a comeback in the Australia tour, Nehra shocked the world of Cricket. At T20Is, India had a glorious run after returning to its side. In the 2016 T20 World Cup, India defeated Australia 3-0, won the Asian Cup and finished in the semifinals. Nehra has played in 18 ODIs since his return, taking a total of 21 wickets at 21.67. Its rate of economics is 7.22.

In 2016, Nehra started to perform in the IPL triumph of Sunrisers Hyderabad. At 22.11 and an economical rate of 7.65, he played 8 matches and was hit by 9 wickets before getting hurt.

While Nehra has been most often remembered during the 2011 World Cup in Nagpur for his last time against South Africa; where Robin Peterson took the necessary 13 from above, it is a mistake that he left the side most often. Since that time he has been a bunch of witches, but Nehra has been a brilliant death bowler over and over again. In 2004, with an unformed Moin Khan and Naved-ul Hasan at the plumage, Nehra defended nine against Pakistan in Karachi. Pakistan pursued 350 people.

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