‘Kya se kya ho gye dekhte dekhte’ – Fans react to Gautam Gambhir’s ‘he sacrificed his International runs for team trophies’ statement for MS Dhoni

By Daniel S

September 18, 2023

Former Indian opener and currently the commentator, Gautam Gambhir, who is usually known for his critical statement for former Indian skipper MS Dhoni, has come up with all praises for the latter. Gambhir felt that it was Dhoni who didn’t care for his individual runs or milestones and always put the team’s success first during his career.

Gambhir also reckoned that Dhoni would’ve been India’s best number 3 that India never had. The current parliamentarian came up with this statement on the sidelines of India’s Asia Cup 2023 final win against Sri Lanka at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo on Sunday, September 17.

“MS Dhoni sacrificed his international runs for the team trophies – if he had not been the captain, he would have been India’s No. 3, he could have scored more runs but he sacrificed the batter in him as he put the team ahead,” said Gambhir to Start Sports during a show.

“It was a blessing for Indian cricket that in MS Dhoni, we got a wicketkeeper-batter who can win you matches from No 7 because he had that power game. People always talk about MS Dhoni and his achievements as a captain, which is absolutely true. But I feel due to captaincy, he sacrificed the batter in him, and he could have achieved much more with his bat which he didn’t. And this happens when you are a captain because then you put the team ahead, and you forget about yourself,” he added later.

“I think he could have scored more than what he has scored.” – Gautam Gambhir about MS Dhoni

Furthermore, Gambhir also spoke about Dhoni’s batting position and the way the latter opted to come in the lower-order batter to provide a chance to the youngsters and some other batting talents like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in the top order.

“He started batting at No 6 or 7. If he had not been captaining, he would have been India’s No 3, and I think he could have scored more than what he has scored and could have scored more hundreds also,” he said.

Here’s how fans reacted to Gautam Gambhir’s statement for MS Dhoni: