LeBron James: 4 incredible playoff stats

By Miguel Prazeres

October 9, 2020

A win tonight will give LeBron James his 4th NBA ring. And that will for sure reignite the GOAT debate LeBron x Jordan. But let’s not focus on Michael Jordan at the moment and just appreciate the greatness of “King” James.

Check 4 major stats from LeBron’s remarkable playoff career:

Total playoff games: 259

Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals will be the 259th playoff game for LeBron James. He will tie former LA Lakers guard Derek Fisher as the player with the most playoff matches in NBA history.

Being able to play so many games at the decisive part of the season is sensational. But for LeBron, it’s not just an appearance. It’s to play at the highest level, being the main basketball player in the court. From the 10 players on this list, “King” James is the number 1 in usage percentage, with 32,1%.

Total minutes played in the Playoffs: 10.728

James is the number 1 player in the history of the NBA in playoff minutes. With 10.728 (and counting…), Lebron surpasses by far great legends like Tim Duncan (9370), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (8851), or Kobe Bryant (8641). To put things in perspective, the difference between LeBron and the 10th on this list, Magic Johnson (7538), is as high as the distance between Magic and the 62nd player on the list: Kawhi Leonard (4358).

If we count just with the active players, things become even more impressive. In today’s NBA, only 2 players have more than 5000 playoff minutes besides LeBron: Kevin Durant (5598) and Andre Iguodala (5103). By this, we mean LeBron James played 5000 minutes more than Kevin Durant. Dominance!

Total playoff points scored: 7423

It’s not only minutes. It’s how productive can you be during your time in the court in such career-defining matches. LeBron is the only player in the history of the league to surpass the 6000-point mark in the playoffs. Among active players, the one that comes closer is Kevin Durant, with half…

With LeBron averaging 26.9 points per game today, he could have a shot in getting into the 1000 point mark in total career playoff points scored. Something that will be almost impossible to reach.

Total playoff assists: 1854

LeBron’s basketball IQ is something unique and that’s one of the reasons why he was present in 9 of the last 10 NBA Finals. James not only produces individually but also makes the others around him better.

He passed John Stockton in Game 3 of the Finals as he’s now just behind the all-time playoff assist leader Magic Johnson. To sum up, LeBron is the number 1 scorer, the second in assists and the 6th in rebounds. He’s the only player to figure in the top 10 in each of these stats.

We could have more but it would be an extensive list. Whether it’s Jordan or LeBron, we can just appreciate how great both players are and enjoy LeBron while he’s still playing. Today, he can become even more legendary.

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