Love for Cricket in India Root Backs to its History

By Bet Barter

August 6, 2020

Cricket is the religion for Indian fans. It is the madness of the people. It is the craziness and life of the fans. The Indians cannot think about their life without this sport. For any individual, none of the sports come close to cricket in India.

As cricket is the highly-rated sport of the nation, you can notice that everyone is playing this sport at every nook of a city. Children, kids, youngsters, adults, the male community, female community all play this sport enthusiastically. This is the sport that unites the nation emotionally. Turn on the television sets and a cricket match; you will see that everyone near the TV has left their work and enjoying the sport.

A British colonial inheritance

This love for cricket in India dates back to 1721. That’s 300 years ago, almost if we count from 2020. East India Company brought cricket to India. Some sailors who came to India to trade in 1721 played the first match of cricket in Khambhat. This place is near India’s western seaboard.

The Parsis, enterprising traders, had close ties to the British. They were particularly enthusiastic about cricket as a sport. By the mid-1800s, these Parsis were forming their cricket teams.

During those days, kabaddi was a popular sport amongst both the urban and rural areas of India. But in some time, cricket had gained popularity amongst the common people in India. Cricket in India had evolved eventually, and the people with the game had started making rules and regulations.

Then came the period of independence in India! Many people thought that cricket is not for Indians, and it was just the influence of the British. This was following a big debate. The protester found cricket as the slow poison for the Indians and a blockade in the path of Indian independence.

However, these things did not affect the growth of cricket in the Indian subcontinent. People started organizing annual tournaments and playing cricket.

From colonialism to commerce

Cricket rose as the sport of national level in 1971. It was the year when India played against England, the originator of the sport, and won that match. Indians defeated the English team in English land. Think about the excitement the players and the Indians have felt when the squad won that match.

India never had to look back after that day. The Indian cricketer brought back the World Cup in 1983. They defeated two-times winner, the mighty, and the unbeatable, West Indies cricket team in the finals of 1983 WC. It was the most crucial moment in the cricket history of India.

India has given many gems to international cricket in their long cricket history. India is the nation that has won World Cup playing 60-overs, 50-over and 20-overs. This is the nation with has started the league matches, the Indian Premier League (IPL). The IPL is a popular tournament, involving multiple international players. It has viewers in millions from all around the world.

Our readers can now understand the love for cricket in India.

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