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Michael Vaughan calls for tactical time-out in Tests

By BetBarter Staff

August 21, 2021

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan has called for a tactical time-out in Tests. The strategic time outs as of now are used in T20 matches but Vaughan wants the same to be implemented in Tests as well. As per Vaughan, the coaches should have a window to communicate during the match. Vaughan reckoned this will give the coach and captain an opportunity to modify the tactics if the match is not going their way. The cricketer turned expert said this will be a valuable addition to the game.

“International coaches might not have the advantage of having a tactical time-out like we see in the Hundred - an innovation which I would actually welcome in the Test game - but there are still ways of intervening,” Michael Vaughan wrote on his Facebook page.

The 46-year-old was not happy with the lack of communication between Joe Root and Chris Silverwood during the Lords Test. Vaughan said having strategic time-out will allow the coach to give more inputs to the players.

The tactical time-out was recently implemented in the ‘Hundred’. It allows the bowling team to have a 150-second break to discuss the strategies. Vaughan along with several other experts hailed it as a good move.

“I think it’s good for coaches to potentially see something that as players you don’t notice and be able to communicate that. Also, as captain, you’re often fielding in the inner ring, and players can be far away, around the pitch. This option allows you to get everyone back in, gather your thoughts and get strategic information over to them,” Charlotte Edwards said.