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Mohammed Shami gives a befitting reply to trolls who abused him after 20-20 WC loss to Pakistan

By BetBarter Staff

February 28, 2022

It is surprising that even in today’s time and age, people still criticize players without any evidence. Social media has provided an easy route for trolls to do their job. Cricket has no place for such criticism, and Mohammad Shami standing up for the injustice against him was a brave move.

In the match against Pakistan in the 20-20 World Cup 2021, India suffered a crushing loss by 10 wickets. This gave the trolls a chance to go all out on social media. Mohammad Shami was the primary victim of this trolling after the match. His account was filled with people calling him a traitor, alleging he took money to give away the match.

In an interview with Indian Express, Shami now has opened up on the trolls. Shami said he doesn’t pay any heed to such people. “When people with unknown social media profiles or even one with a few followers point fingers at someone, they don’t have anything to lose. For them nothing is at stake because they are nobodies.. we don’t need to engage with them,” said Shami

The 31-year old said that he has nothing to prove to anyone and neither he wants to clarify what India means to him. “We know what we are, we don’t need to say what India means to us because we represent the country and fight for the country. So we don’t need to prove anything to anyone by saying or reacting to such trolls,” he concluded.