New tennis controversy: Alexander Zverev appeared in a party with hundreds of people

By Bet Barter

June 29, 2020

After the controversial participation in the Adria Tour, from which he managed to escape without being infected with the new coronavirus, Alexander Zverev returned to the highlights during the weekend, again for the worst reasons.

The world number seven appeared in a big party surrounded by hundreds of people. The problem? After the debacle in Serbia and Croatia, the German promised that he would fulfill 14 days of quarantine! And there is yet another controversy surrounding tennis and one of the most mediatic players in the ATP circuit.

Six days after the official announcement that he wasn’t infected and will fulfill a 14 day period of voluntary quarantine, Zverev didn´t resist and went to have fun in crowded a place. Apparently, the social distance and the recommended use of a mask have also been forgotten here.

An attitude similar to the one he already had in Belgrade, when alongside the other Adria Tour players, joined a party to celebrate the end of the first stage.

Nick Kyrgios didn´t forgive Zverev

After the controversial Adria Tour, Nick Kyrgios considered the tournament a stupid and irresponsible event and criticized all the players involved – Zverev included. The controversial Australian has no problem expressing his opinion on any subject and did it one more time. This time the target was Zverev and, as always, the words weren’t sweet.

“We know about controversial episodes all over the world, in all activities, but I was shocked to see Zverev again. I repeat, again! How can you be so selfish? How can you be like that? He made a tweet apologizing and saying he was going to do a self-quarantine and a few days later he is making the same mistakes. He should stay home for 14 days. This tennis world makes me upset.”

Nick Kyrgios

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