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Nicholas Pooran hilariously responds to their plans to beat Pakistan

By Alan

June 8, 2022

Pakistan is presently hosting the West Indies in a three-match One-Day International series. All three matches will take place at the Multan Cricket Stadium and will conclude on June 12th. Ahead of the match Windies captain Nicholas Pooran addressed the media and revealed his plans to beat Pakistan.

After being asked what were West Indies’ plans to beat Pakistan after three decades? Nicholas Pooran came up with a hilarious response. He said that they just needed to get rid of Babar Azam to win. “We’ll win the series by getting Babar Azam out!” he said.

In the meantime, the extreme Multan heat has been a big discussion topic ahead of the Pakistan vs West Indies One-Day International series. The games are scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. local time to accommodate the weather, but with West Indies wanting to win more World Cup Super League games, Nicholas Pooran does not want to focus on uncontrollable factors such as the weather.

“Coming from Netherlands, from the cold to heat [is not ideal],” Pooran told the media on Tuesday. “Today we had our first training session and it went really good. We trained at 4 pm, and it was windy. For now, it’s okay. Hopefully, it doesn’t affect us. Coming from the Caribbean, it is quite similar, so I think we’ll be alright,” he told the media on the 7th of June.

“The guys are coping well, the medical team is doing everything to keep us protected. You can’t see the future, but I don’t think the heat will be too much of a problem after what I saw this afternoon,” he added.

Pooran admitted that overcoming Pakistan in Pakistan would be a struggle from the start, but he wanted his players to embrace it rather than dread it. ” Some world-class bowlers and batsmen here [for Pakistan], but I want the players to embrace the challenge,” he said. “If we can take our catches, get some runs, you never know what can happen, the game can turn in a couple of balls. We want to use our momentum [from the Netherlands] and continue to be consistent as a team,” he said.