Not Rule Changes, Shikha Pandey Trusts Women Cricket Needs Better Marketing And Investment

By Bet Barter

June 29, 2020

Shikha Pandey, India Women pacer said there is no compelling reason to fiddle with women’s cricket by lessening the weight/size of the balls, pitches, or limits.

Shikha included that specialists ought to rather concentrate on advertising and grass-roots improvements.

Said that decreasing the size of the ball is fine, yet as Ian Smith recommended, it possibly works if the weight continues as before. This will take into account bowlers to grasp the ball better – more fires up for the spinners – and hits will likewise travel further (not be the situation if it is light).

Shikha requested kindly not to get the limits! She said the women cricketers have amazed the cricket world with their capacity hitting as of late. Hence she said not to forget that this is just the start; women cricketers will show signs of improvement. If it’s not too much trouble have persistence. Shikha mentioned that they are gifted players, who are developing.

Promotion of women’s cricket is important

She said that development can likewise be accomplished by promoting the game well. They don’t need to dabble with rules or the very texture of the game to draw in a group of people.

“Why not have DRS, Snicko, Hotspot, all of the technical acumen and live broadcast for every game that we play anywhere in the world.

According to Shikha, overwhelming speculations at grass root levels, equivalent playing openings, zero separation, and so on.

Shikha said that ladies’ cricket, or ladies’ game, by and large, ought to be viewed as an alternate element from their men’s partner. She at that point took the case of the record swarm that the Melbourne Cricket Ground saw recently for the Women’s T20 World Cup final.

“Please, don’t compare women’s sport, women’s cricket, in this case, with men’s sport. We need to see it as a different sport altogether… A sport that 86,174 spectators turned up to watch on March 8 and several million watched live on their television sets.”

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